If you are familiar with IV infusion therapy, you may be wondering how it differs from IV push therapy. IV push therapy delivers vitamins and minerals (as well as hydration) directly into your bloodstream. Push therapy delivers the same health benefits as intravenous vitamin therapy by a registered nurse using a small tube (connected to a thin needle) into your arm (or top of the forearm or even the back of the hand) to push the concentrated vitamins into your vein which usually takes between 3 and 5 minutes.


IV Push Therapy

The reason this service is called “push therapy” is because the needle that goes into your arm will be connected to a catheter which is then connected to a syringe where one dose of the vitamins, minerals, or medications you’ve selected are inserted so that your body can absorb necessary nutrients immediately. An appointment only takes about 15 minutes and can be scheduled even during your lunch break. The best part about it? You can go right back to your normal daily routine after your appointment with us.

Many people actually prefer IV push therapy over IV drip therapy because it is a much quicker process. Compared to drip therapy taking anywhere from half an hour to a full hour, push therapy only takes a few minutes. This is an especially important aspect to the nutrient intake process for those who are not fond of needles. However, certain nutrients and medications need more time to be directed into the bloodstream, so IV drip therapy is sometimes needed in those cases because gravity is in charge of how fast the nutrients are delivered to your body. You may become nauseous or lightheaded if vitamins, minerals, or medications are delivered too quickly.

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