What is IV Drip? For some people, anything to do with an IV may be scary, however; there’s nothing scary about the benefits your body will receive from IV Drop treatment. Let’s get into it.


What Exactly Is an IV Drip?


This process involves an IV and an electrolyte solution containing the nutrients you have chosen. When inserted into the IV, these nutrients will bypass your digestive system and make their way directly into your bloodstream.


This IV Drop service may be recommended or even required for someone having digestive issues. The benefits are almost instantaneous and can last for up to one week. The best part: it can all be done from the comfort of your own home with a registered nurse there to ensure your safety throughout the process.


What are the benefits of an IV Drip?


Depending on the types of nutrients you choose in your IV for your session with a DropFusion IV nurse, the benefits can include:


  • More efficient intake of essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and hydration

  • Customized to what you’re lacking

  • Easy on the digestive system

  • Improved health

  • Addiction recovery

  • Boosted energy & immune system health

  • Reduces symptoms of anxiety & depression

  • Helps with hangovers

  • Improved athletic performance & recovery time

  • Treats headaches & nausea

  • Brightens the skin

  • Restores cognitive function & mental clarity

  • Fights allergies

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